Currently everyone is affected by the COVID-19 crisis globally. During this uncertain time all businesses and companies are looking out for their employee’s health and safety. The government has implemented strict social distancing rules around the nation.

At WeiTech Development we are writing this post to provide some information on how to work from home. We will talk about Internet Connection, Computer Equipment and working remotely.

Internet Connection

Majority of house holds are connected to the Internet these days. You most likely have NBN, ADSL, and Wireless Broadband. If you are planning to work from home, and you have other family members who are also using the Internet at the same time. Go and check with your Internet Service Provider if your connection speed is sufficient to accommodate everyone in the same house hold.

Modem Router

Some remote areas or suburbs may not have NBN, or ADSL connection. This is where Wireless Broadband comes in. Wireless provides 3G, 4G and 5G connection speed, this is the same speed connection you have on your mobile phones. But check with your nearest Internet Service Provider to see what options are available to you.

If you want to see your actual Internet speed you can test this at This web site is very useful, it will show the ping time, download and upload speed.

Computer Equipment

Some of you may have been asked to work from home by your employer, and employees are provided with a portable computer like a hybrid tablet or notebook computer. If you have one of these, that’s great because your company’s computers are setup to work on premise and remotely.

For those who only use a desktop computer at work, ask your company if you can bring the desktop computer home. That’s if you want to carry the bulky equipment with you.

If you don’t like starring at the 15″ screen of your notebook computer, then get a dual monitor setup at home. These days dual monitors are a necessity at work or at home. Make sure you get a 21″ or larger with full high definition (Full HD) 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution. You don’t have to have a dual monitor, another option is a single ultra wide monitor.

Keyboard, this is your own preference. Some people prefer a non-mechanical which doesn’t make any clicking noise. So you get to choose which ever keyboard that helps you get your work done.

Same goes for Mouse, everyone has their own preference. Some people will go for a generic one and some will go for the most ergonomic one.

For video conferencing, you buy web cams with built-in microphones. But If you have a web cam with no microphone, you can buy yourself a microphone or a headset with a microphone. For video clarity make sure you look for Full High Definition 1920 x 1080 resolution web cam.

Now you have all these hardware, and your notebook computer might not have all the ports to connect them to. This is where the docking station comes in, if you have a desktop computer then this won’t apply to you. The docking station allows your notebook computer to be transformed into full desktop computer. Most docking stations that you buy now, allows you to connect dual monitors with up to 4K resolution and it provides additional USB ports for connecting external hardware like web cams and microphones.

If you have a computer setup at home that’s great. If you don’t have a computer setup at home, don’t worry. Right now all the retail shops and computer stores have put together a work from home package, that you can buy. We have put together our top 5 list, you can go to the following retailers and check what packages and equipment are available below:

  1. MSY Technology
  2. PLE Computers
  3. JB HI-FI
  4. Harvey Norman
  5. Officeworks

Working Remotely

So now you have your Internet and computer all setup at home. How do you do work remotely?

Most companies provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for employees. This allows employees to remotely access the company’s network via your home or work computer. If you are self employed or a small business this might not apply to you.

If you want cloud applications that you can integrate with your current business or company network, take a look at Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription base service, and there’s several types of subscription to suite all size of businesses.

Depending on which subscription you want to purchase, each one has different inclusions. Inclusions may include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory.

These suite of applications allow you and your team to work remotely from anywhere, even across to globe. Your team can share their documents in the cloud using SharePoint Online, a document management platform. You can even save your own documents in your own private cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your team, organise video conferences, share information and much more.

Microsoft Teams Logo

If you are interested in Microsoft Office 365, you can click here to see a comparison table, or contact us to organise an online meeting to discuss this in details. We can also assist with organising your subscription, since we are a registered Micorsoft Partner.